Musician Memorabilia

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Adele Fogerty, John Mayer, John Stapleton, Chris
Allman, Gregg Frehley, Ace McCartney, Paul Stevens, Cat
Anka, Paul Gaga, Lady McEntire, Reba Stewart, Rod
Armstrong, Billie Joe Garcia, Jerry Meat Loaf Sting (Musician)
Bennington, Chester Gentry, Montgomery Mellencamp, John Swift, Taylor
Berry, Chuck Gibb, Barry Michael, George Taylor, Corey
Bon Jovi, Jon Grohl, Dave Morello, Tom Taylor, James
Bonamassa, Joe Guy, Buddy Nelson, Willie Thomas, Rob
Bono Haggard, Merle Osbourne, Ozzy Townshend, Pete
Brooks, Garth Harrison, George Paul, Les Trucks, Butch
Campbell, Glen Hawkins, Taylor Perry, Katy Twain, Shania
Cash, Johnny Jackson, Michael Petty, Tom Tyler, Steven
Cave, Nick Joel, Billy Pink (Singer) Ulrich, Lars
Cher John, Elton Plant, Robert Van Halen, Eddie
Clapton, Eric Jones, Mick Presley, Elvis Vedder, Eddie
Cooper, Alice King, B.B. Richards, Keith Walsh, Joe
Cornell, Chris Lamar, Kendrick Rose, Axl Waters, Roger
Costello, Elvis Lennon, John Ross, Diana Watts, Charlie
Criss, Peter Lesh, Phil Santana, Carlos (Musician) Wayne, Lil
Diamond, Neil Levine, Adam Simmons, Gene Weiland, Scott
Dion, Celine Lewis, Huey Sinatra, Frank Wilson, Brian (Beach Boys)
Dogg, Snoop Mars, Bruno Slash Wood, Ron
Domino, Fats Martin, Chris (Musician) Smith, Chad Yoakam, Dwight
Eminem Martin, George (Producer) Smith, Patti Young, Angus
Fergie (Music) Matthews, Dave Springsteen, Bruce Young, Neil

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Music memorabilia

Art form that consists of sound and silences that is an all time expression. Its elements included the pitch, rhythm, timbre, dynamics, texture and articulation. Music varies from one culture to another. Its creation and performance also varies making the music memorabilia a unique item to own also leading to the recognition of its Hollywood memorabilia such as the authentic signed photos and autographed poster.

Music is divided into genres and sub genres. It is classified as an art form, fine art or even called as an auditory form.  It has many uses. Music can be used for art reasons. For Aesthetic, communications and entertainment, Music is also useful for ceremonials, religions and academic reasons making the music memorabilia a cool item to own. Many artists who can do well in acting are also a blessed musician. Some of the famous celebrity is also a popular musician. Music can be learned and a good passion. It will somehow give education. May it be in any part of the world, music is widely known and taught, from the ancient time to the medieval years; music is a part of every person’s life.  Be it in the society, entertainment industry and business, music is a good way of conveying messages.
The involvement of Music in education will teach students to understand language clearly, it will made them improved their abilities in recalling information.  Thus, music has a lot of uses in the society. Most especially in the entertainment Industry, it made money and will somehow entertain people making its music memorabilia and entertainment memorabilia an important item to add in music enthusiasts’ collectibles.