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Cabello, Camila
Cabrera, Ryan
Cadena, Dez
Caillat, Colbie
Cain, Jonathan
Caldwell, Kimberly
Calhoun, Will
Callas, Maria
Callaway, Ann Hampton
Callen, Michael
Calleros, Juan
Cameron, Matt
Campbell, Ashley (Musician)
Campbell, Glen
Campbell, Luther
Cara, Alessia
Cara, Irene
Carapetyan, Caro
Carey, Ben
Carey, Danny
Carey, Mariah
Carlile, Brandi
Carlisle, Belinda
Carlsson, Jorgen
Carmichael, Jesse
Carnage, DJ
Carnes, Kim
Carpenter, Karen
Carpenter, Mary
Carreras, Jose
Carroll, Diahann
Carroll, Georgia
Carter, Deana
Carter, Nick
Casady, Jack
Casey, Harry Wayne
Cash, Johnny
Cash, June
Cash, Rosanne
Cassidy, Patrick
Cavanagh, Hollie
Cave, Nick
Cent, 50
Cetera, Peter
Chambers, Dennis
Champion, Will
Chance, Greyson
Channing, Chad
Chapin, Harry
Chaplin, Blondie
Chapman, Tom
Charles, Ray
Charli XCX
Chase, Carol
Chase, Will
Chasez, JC
Checker, Chubby
Cherone, Gary
Chesney, Kenny
Chesnutt, Mark
Child, Desmond
Christ, Johnny
Chrome, Cheetah
Church, Charlotte
Clapton, Eric
Clare, Alex
Clark Jr., Gary
Clark, Brandy
Clark, Roy
Clark, Terri
Clarke, Gilby
Clarke, Stanley
Clarke, Vince
Clarkson, Kelly
Clayton, Adam
Clayton-Thomas, David
Clemons, Jake
Cliff, Jimmy
Cline, Patsy
Clinton, George
Clower, Jerry
Cobain, Kurt
Cochrane, Tom
Cockburn, Bruce
Cocker, Joe
Coe, David Allan
Coffin, Jeff
Cohen, Leonard
Colaiuta, Vinnie
Cole, J.
Cole, Keyshia
Cole, Natalie
Coleman, Nancy
Colla, Johnny
Collen, Phil
Collins, Bootsy
Collins, Judy
Collins, Phil
Colon, Javier
Colter, Jessi
Columbo, Russ
Combs, Luke
Combs, Sean
Commerford, Tim
Como, Perry
Conchita, Maria
Connick Jr., Harry
Conroy, Michael
Conti, Bill
Cook, Kristy Lee
Cool J, LL
Cool, Tre
Coolidge, Rita
Cooper, Alice
Cooper, Korey
Copeland, Stewart
Corbin, Easton
Corea, Chick
Corgan, Billy
Cornell, Chris
Cornell, Don
Cornwell, Hugh
Costa, Nikka
Costello, Elvis
Cotton, Carolina
Coverdale, David
Cowsill, John
Coyle, Nadine
Crahan, Shawn
Craig, Mikey
Cray, Robert
Criss, Peter
Cropper, Steve
Crosby, David
Cross, Christopher
Cross, Spencer
Crover, Dale
Crow, Sheryl
Cubeechee, Eric
Cugat, Xavier
Cunningham, Merce
Cunningham, Phil
Currie, Cherie
Currington, Billy
Cyrus, Billy Ray
Cyrus, Miley

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