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1967, William Shatner (Star Trek), "Autographed" (JSA) TV Guide (Scarce)
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1967, William Shatner (Star Trek), \"Autographed\" (JSA) TV Guide (Scarce) Comes fully certified with Certificate of Authenticity and tamper-evident hologram. Also backed by's Authenticity Guarantee.


An expert in the field of authentication, James Spence and his team of autograph verification experts certify autographed memorabilia for individuals, auction houses and memorabilia suppliers. Each JSA certified item is reviewed individually by all of JSA’s experts. When personal inspection isn’t enough to verify an item’s authenticity, JAA employs a high-technology authentication tool to back up the experts’ opinions. Items that meet JSA standards are issued Letters of Authenticity, which have become the gold standard in the autographed memorabilia industry. JSA certified items are also issued identification numbers, so collectors and look up their items in the company’s online database.
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1967, William Shatner (Star Trek), "Autographed" (JSA) TV Guide (Scarce)

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