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About Ted Nugent Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

Historical Milestones

Ted Nugent was born on December 13, 1948, in Detroit, Michigan. Since a young age, he had an interest in rock and roll. He was inspired by the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds and began playing the guitar early on. During the 1960’s, he formed his first band Royal High Boys and then the band Lourdes. The band the Amboy Dukes allowed Nugent to achieve recognition with their self-titled album in 1967, Journey to the Center of the Mind, and Migration. As his bandmembers were constantly changing, Nugent changed the band’s name to Ted Nugent & the Amboy Dukes before journeying through the music industry with his own name and backing band. His self-titled debut came in 1975 and two years later, with the release of the hit single Cat Scratch Fever, Nugent and his band were one of the most prominent rock bands in the United States.

Throughout the 80s, he produced hits such as Intensities in 10 Cities, Nugent, Penetrator, Little Miss Dangerous, and If You Can’t Lick ‘Em… Lick ‘Em. In 1995, VHI took interest in him for a VH1 Behind the Music episode, and his autobiography, titled God, Guns, & Rock n’ Roll came out in the year 2001. In 2014, Ted Nugent released the album Shutup & Jami, his 14th studio album.

Ted Nugent is one of the most well-known musicians who has stayed committed to his beliefs. Throughout his career, he hasn’t given into drugs or drinking and he has remained a family man. Support his lengthy career with the purchase of one of our Ted Nugent autographed collectibles. Our memorabilia are rare and unique pieces that will add value and worth to every Hollywood collection.

Collecting Ted Nugent Memorabilia

Ted Nugent Autographed Photos: Ted Nugent autographed photos showcase the rock star in action. From our Nugent autographed 8x10 color photographed from Cat Scratch Fever to our 11x14 photo, all of our autographed photos come sealed with a certificate of authenticity. Be sure to shop our collection while they are still in stock.
Ted Nugent Autographed Photos
Ted Nugent Autographed Albums: Our Ted Nugent autographed albums capture his greatest hits from his self-titled album to his more recent, 14th studio album Shutup & Jami. Each of our Nugent autographed photographs is certified authentic and is a rare collectible that will make any rock & roll fan happy. These collectibles are fast to go, so be sure to shop your own while they are still in stock.
Ted Nugent Autographed Albums
Ted Nugent Autographed Posters: Ted Nugent autographed posters are unique and rare Hollywood collectibles that bring his music from the ears to the eyes. Our collection contains music posters such as Nugent’s 1980 original live concert promo poster, an If You Cant Lick Em Lick Em poster, and a 1989 ‘The Country’s Rockin’ concert poster. All of these autographed photos come guaranteed with a certificate of authenticity and are unique Hollywood memorabilia.
Ted Nugent Autographed Posters

Ted Nugent Memorabilia

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