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About Nancy Wilson Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

Historical Milestones

Nancy Wilson is an American singer, musician, songwriter, producer, and composer. She was the guitarist of Heart, a band that she joined with her sister Ann Wilson.

Nancy Wilson was raised in Seattle, Washington and grew up playing music as a teenager. While she was in college, she joined her sister Ann Wilson in a band called Heart. In fact, Heart was the first band that had all women as frontwomen. The band’s first album was titled Dreamboat Annie and was released in 1976. Dreamboat Annie’s hit singled “Crazy on You” was ranked no. 35 on the US charts. In 1977, Heart released their album Little Queen and the following year they released Dog & Butterfly. Hits such as “Magic Man” and “Barracuda” led to their rise to fame. Wilson quickly established herself with her flamenco and classical guitar-like playing style that was diffused with the band’s hard rock genre. With her sister, Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson started recording their ninth studio-album called Bad Animals in the mid-1990s, which was one of their most successful albums. They later formed a side band named the Lovemongers. Her guitar skills have led to Heart’s popularity, selling over 35 million records during Heart’s entirety. In 2016, Nancy Wilson was ranked as the eighth-greatest female guitarist of all-time by Gibson.

Nancy Wilson autographed memorabilia are sure to bring a smile to any fan of the rock band Heart. Whether a fan of Nancy Wilson or her sister Ann Wilson, all of our Heart autographed collectibles with be a valuable piece to a music collection. All of our Nancy Wilson autographed memorabilia are guaranteed to be certified authentic and are lasting collectibles that can only be found once.

Collecting Nancy Wilson Memorabilia

Nancy Wilson Autographed Photos: Our Nancy Wilson autographed photos showcase one of the 1970’s most prominent rock bands: Heart. The purchase of one of our Nancy Wilson autographed photos is the purchase of tremendous value and worth. Each of these photographs comes with a certificate of authenticity, making them life-long collectibles.
Nancy Wilson Autographed Photos
Nancy Wilson Autographed Albums: These Nancy Wilson autographed albums are hard to find, rare in quality, and are quick to go. Be sure to browse our selection while they are still in stock. The purchase of a Nancy Wilson signed album always comes sealed with a certificate of authenticity.
Nancy Wilson Autographed Albums
Nancy Wilson Autographed Instruments: Nancy Wilson autographed instruments are guaranteed to be certified authentic, and they are unique and rare Hollywood memorabilia. Any instrument is one of the most prized collectibles that a music fan can own. Spice up a music studio wall or entertainment law office with one of our Nancy Wilson autographed instruments.
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Nancy Wilson Memorabilia

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