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About Nancy Cartwright Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

Historical Milestones

Nancy Cartwright is an American actress, primarily a voice actress and comedian who is most known for her role with the long-running T.V. series. Cartwright is most known as the voice of Bart Simpson, the son of Homer a Marge on the show, and has been voicing Bart since 1987. Cartwright had an audition for the role of Lisa Simpson, the elder daughter of the Simpsons, but found the character of Bart more compelling and auditioned for him instead of getting the job on the spot.

Along with voicing Bart Simpson, Cartwright voices many other characters on the Simpsons such as Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, Kearney, and Database. Cartwright’s first professional role as a voice actor, before the Simpsons, was as Gloria in the animated series Richie Rich. Cartwright has had other voice roles since in other classic animated series’ such as The Snorks, Kim Possible, Animaniacs, The Critis, Goof Troop and Rugrats amongst others.

Cartwright has a very successful career as a voice actor in countless projects in Hollywood. Still, she will most be associated with playing a ten-year old boy on the Simpsons. Cartwright has gotten much acclaim and popularity for her role as Bart Simpson and hollywoodmemorabilia.com offers an amazing selection of Simpson’s autographed collectibles that have been signed by Cartwright. Every autographed piece of memorabilia comes certified authentic and is sure to look amazing on display in your home or office.

Collecting Nancy Cartwright Memorabilia

Nancy Cartwright Autographed Photos: Nancy Cartwright is infamous for her portrayal of Bart Simpson on the long running T.V. series, the Simpsons and we have a great selection of photos of Bart signed by Cartwright. For real Cartwright fans, we also have photos of her other characters like Rufus from Kim Possible and Chuckie from Rugrats that have been signed by the great voice actress. Every autographed photo that we offer comes guaranteed authentic.
Nancy Cartwright Autographed Photos
Nancy Cartwright Autographed Trading Cards: Trading cards are a timeless collectible that is extremely rare and valuable for any collector. Simpsons fans can find some of their favorite characters trading cards at hollywoodmemorabilia.com. TV trading cards that we offer of Bart Simpson have been signed by the woman who plays him in Nancy Cartwright. All autographed TV trading cards are certified authentic and will look fantastic wherever you chose to showcase them.
Nancy Cartwright Autographed Trading Cards

Nancy Cartwright Memorabilia

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