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About Eddie Van Halen Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

Historical Milestones

Eddie Van Halen is a Dutch-American musician that has found worldwide success and acclaim for his work with the band Van Halen. Eddie founded Van Halen with his brother Alex, bassist Mark Stone and singer David Lee Roth. Eddie Van Halen is the lead guitarist and main songwriter for the band and has been one of the constants of Van Halen along with his brother and Stone. The vocalists shifted many times for Van Halen, but all saw great success due to Eddie being at the center of everything.

David Lee Roth was the lead vocalist for the first six albums for Van Halen. During the time with Roth providing the vocals, the band exploded with success and Eddie Van Halen became regarded as one of the best guitarists in the business. Van Halen was asked to provide a guitar solo for the Michael Jackson hit single “Beat It” during that time. After Roth left the band, they entered a new era with Sammy Hagar as the lead singer and continued their great run of success with four studio albums.

Van Halen continues to tour to this day with both Roth and Hagar being part of the band. In 2007 Eddie Van Halen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with his band. Fans of Van Halen may come from different eras, some liking the lineup with Roth others the one with Hagar, but the main consistent aspect to the band’s sound has been Eddie Van Halen. We offer some incredibly rare Eddie Van Halen autographed collectibles that are invaluable to his fans and collectors alike. Each of these Van Halen autographed memorabilia comes guaranteed authentic.

Collecting Eddie Van Halen Memorabilia

Eddie Van Halen Autographed Photos: Eddie Van Halen is widely considered one of the great guitarists of all time and his band generated a ton of success during its heyday and even still today. Van Halen was the founder and most iconic member of the band that took his name. His fans can now get great autographed photos of Van Halen from some of the best performances of his career. Every autographed photo that we have comes with a certificate of authenticity and is sure to look amazing wherever they are put on display.
Eddie Van Halen Autographed Photos
Eddie Van Halen Autographed Instruments: There is nothing cooler than autographed instruments from a great musician. We have a great selection of different instruments from Eddie Van Halen such as guitars signed by Eddie and even a drum cymbal signed by the original members of Van Halen. Every Van Halen autographed instrument will look great showcased and comes guaranteed authentic.
Eddie Van Halen Autographed Instruments
Eddie Van Halen Autographed Albums: Van Halen is one of the best-selling bands of all time as they are one of only five rock bands that have sold over 10 million copies of two different studio albums in the US. We have a unique selection of autographed albums from Van Halen that are certified authentic and will look great on display in your home. These great albums have been signed by Eddie Van Halen and will increase in value over time.
Eddie Van Halen Autographed Albums

Eddie Van Halen Memorabilia

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