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About Chris Martin Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

Historical Milestones

Chris Martin is the English singer, songwriter, and founder of the British alternative rock band Coldplay. The band we now know today as Coldplay first started in 1996 when Martin formed a rock band with Jonny Buckland that was, at the time, called Pectoralz and renamed to Coldplay two years later. Martin is one of the highest profile musicians worldwide today. His success doesn’t stop with just music, though, as he appeared on Debrett’s 2017 list of the most influential people in the UK.

The release of their debut, Parachutes, immediately had the band recognized worldwide. Coldplay’s single “Yellow,” landed them the band’s first Grammy Award nomination in the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song. Albums such as A Rush of Blood to the Head and Viva la Vida earned him a Grammy Award for both and a Brit Award for A Rush of Blood to the Head. In 2005 he received the Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video with “Coldplay: Live 2008” and in 2009 he was awarded the Grammy Award for Song of the Year with “Viva la Vida.” To add to his awards, he was also named as the Hottest Man by NME Awards.

Autographed Chris Martin collectibles will look outstanding displayed in any music fan’s home. There’s no better way to appreciate 2003’s Hottest Man than by having our signed Chris Martin memorabilia in your own household. All of our collectibles are always guaranteed to be 100% authentic, so have no worries or concerns when shopping with us. Purchase your very own memorabilia before we are completely sold out.

Collecting Chris Martin Memorabilia

Chris Martin Autographed Photos: Signed Chris Martin photos are terrific gifts for any of your friends or family members who are a fan of Coldplay. A 100% certified authentic photo of this legendary artist and band will be cherished by your friends and family members. With the purchase of his photos, you will able to enjoy a tangible piece of Chris Martin while listening to his hits like “Viva la Vida” and “Yellow.”
Chris Martin Autographed Photos
Chris Martin Autographed Albums: Whether it’s a purchase of the certified authentic, signed A Rush of Blood to the Head album, or a signed Viva la Vida album, the purchase of any of our signed Chris Martin albums are a must-have for any fan. Our autographed Martin albums are rare and unique pieces of memorabilia that are always guaranteed to be authentic and make an excellent gift for anybody that you know who is a memorabilia collector. Shop for your autographed Chris Martin album now before it’s too late.
Chris Martin Autographed MEMORABILIA
Chris Martin Autographed Instruments: An autographed Chris Martin guitar or microphone is just what you need to complete your memorabilia collection. A signed Martin guitar is a rare and unique collectible that will look unbelievable displayed in any home, office or music studio. Our autographed instruments are guaranteed to be 100% authentic, as are all of the memorabilia and collectibles that we have available for purchase. Signed Chris Martin instruments are excellent investments and will make any music fan happy.
Chris Martin Autographed MEMORABILIA

Chris Martin Memorabilia

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