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Memorabilia & Autographs for Celebrities & Famous People

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Caan, James
Cabot, Sebastian
Cage, Nicholas
Cage, Nicolas
Cagney, James
Cagney, Jeanne
Cain, Dean
Caine, Michael
Calhoun, Rory
Calis, Natasha
Callas, Charlie
Callen, John
Callison, Zach
Calloway, Cab
Calvert, Phyllis
Calvet, Corinne
Cameron, James
Cameron, Rod
Camp, Anna
Camp, Colleen
Campbell, Bruce (Actor)
Campbell, Christa
Campbell, Naomi
Campbell, Neil
Campbell, Nell
Campbell, Neve
Canalis, Elisabetta
Candy, John
Cannavale, Bobby
Cannon, Dyan
Cannon, Nick
Cantor, Eddie
Capaldi, Peter
Capers, Virginia
Caplan, Lizzy
Capra, Frank
Carbonell, Nestor
Cardellini, Linda
Carell, Steve
Carey, Harry
Carey, Ron
Carlisle, Mary
Carlyle, Robert
Carmichael, Hoagy
Carminati, Tullio
Caro, Niki
Caron, Leslie
Carpenter, Jennifer
Carpenter, John
Carr, Charmian
Carradine, David
Carradine, Keith
Carradine, Robert
Carrera, Barbara
Carrere, Tia
Carrey, Jim
Carroll, Leo G.
Carroll, Madeline
Carroll, Mickey
Carroll, Nancy
Carroll, Pat
Carson, Sofia
Carson, Sunset
Carter, Dixie
Carter, Jack
Cartwright, Veronica
Caruso, Anthony
Caselotti, Adriana
Cassel, Seymour
Cassell, Wally
Cassidy, Joanna
Cassidy, Katie
Casta, Laetitia
Castle, Nick
Caswell, Shanley
Cates, Phoebe
Cattrall, Kim
Caulfield, Maxwell
Cavallari, Kristin
Cavill, Henry
Cazenove, Christopher
Cera, Michael
Chabert, Lacey
Chakiris, George
Chamberlain, Richard
Chamberlin, Kevin
Chamberlin, Richard
Champion, Marge
Chan, Jackie
Chandler, George
Chandler, Kyle
Chandrasekhar, Jay
Chaney, Lon
Channing, Carol
Channing, Stockard
Chao, Rosalind
Chaplin, Ben
Chaplin, Charlie
Chaplin, Geraldine
Chaplin, Sydney
Chapman, Marguerite
Charisse, Cyd
Charles, Josh
Charles, Leon
Charles, Max
Chase, Chevy
Chastain, Jessica
Chatterton, Ruth
Chatwin, Justin
Chayefsky, Paddy
Chazelle, Damien
Cheadle, Don
Chenoweth, Kristin
Cherrell, Gwen
Cherry, Neneh
Chestnut, Morris
Chevalier, Maurice
Chiang, Doug
Chiba, Sonny
Chichester, Francis Charles
Chiklis, Michael
Childers, Ambyr
Chiles, Lois
Chin, Tsai
Cho, John
Chong, Tommy
Chopra, Priyanka
Christensen, Erika
Christensen, Hayden
Christian, Linda
Christie, Dick
Christie, Julie
Cipes, Greg
Clafin, Sam
Clapp, Gordon
Clark, Petula
Clark, Susan
Clarke, Jason
Clarke, Mae
Clarke, Melinda
Clarkson, Patricia
Clayburgh, Jill
Clayton, Jan
Cleese, John
Clement, Jemaine
Clements, Ron
Clift, Montgomery
Clinton, Lauren
Clooney, George
Clooney, Rosemary
Close, Glenn
Cobb, Joe
Cobb, Lee J.
Coburn, Charles
Coburn, James
Coco, James
Cody, Diablo
Cody, Iron Eyes
Coen, Ethan
Coghlan Jr., Frank
Cohen, Jeff
Cohen, Lynn
Cohen, Sacha Baron
Coker Jr, Paul
Colbert, Claudette
Cole, Gary
Cole, Michael
Coleman, Monique
Coles, Charles
Colin, Margaret
Collette, Toni
Colley, Kenneth
Collinge, Patricia
Collins Jr., Clifton
Collins, Joan
Collins, Lily
Colonna, Jerry
Coltrane, Ellar
Coltrane, Robbie
Columbu, Franco
Columbus, Chris
Columbus, Eleanor
Compson, Betty
Conaway, Jeff
Connelly, Jennifer
Connery, Sean
Connolly, Billy
Connolly, Kevin
Conrad, Robert
Conrad, William
Conroy, Frances
Conte, John
Conte, Richard
Conti, Tom
Converse, Peggy
Conway, Kevin
Conway, Tim
Coogan, Jackie
Coogan, Keith
Coogan, Steve
Cook, Carole
Cook, Dane
Cook, Rachael Leigh
Coolidge, Jennifer
Cooper, Anderson
Cooper, Bradley
Cooper, Chris (Actor)
Cooper, Dominic
Cooper, Gary
Cooper, Gladys
Cooper, Scott(Director)
Coote, Robert
Copeland, Joan
Copley, Sharlto
Coppola, Francis Ford
Coppola, Sofia
Coppola, Sophia
Corbet, Brady
Corday, Mara
Corddry, Rob
Corey, Wendell
Corman, Roger
Corner, Amen
Cornish, Abbie
Cortese, Joseph
Cortez, Ricardo
Cosgrove, Miranda
Costa, Mary
Costas, Bob
Costello, Lou
Coster, Nicolas
Costner, Kevin
Cotillard, Marion
Cotten, Joseph
Cotton, Joseph
Coughlan, Marisa
Couric, Katie
Court, Hazel
Courtenay, Tom
Courtney, Jai
Cover, Franklin
Cox, Brian
Cox, Nikki
Cox, Ronny
Coyote, Peter (Actor)
Crabbe, Buster
Craig, Daniel
Craig, Michael
Crain, Jeanne
Cranham, Kenneth
Cravalho, Auli'i
Craven, Matt
Craven, Mimi
Craven, Wes
Crawford, Broderick
Crawford, Chace
Crawford, Joan
Crenna, Richard
Crews, Terry
Cristal, Linda
Cromwell, James
Cronyn, Hume
Crook, Mackenzie
Crosby, Norm
Cross, Ben
Cross, David
Cross, Marcia
Crothers, Scatman
Crouse, Lindsay
Crowe, Cameron
Crowe, Russell
Crowley, Dermot
Crudup, Billy
Cruise, Tom
Crumb, George
Cruz, Penelope
Crystal, Billy
Cuaron, Alfonso
Cube, Ice
Cudlitz, Michael
Cudmore, Daniel
Culkin, Macaulay
Culkin, Rory
Cullen, Peter
Culpo, Olivia
Culver, Michael
Cumberbatch, Benedict
Cumming, Alan
Cummings, Bob
Cummings, Constance
Cummings, Jim
Curry, Alana
Curry, Tim
Curtin, Jane
Curtis, Cliff
Curtis, Jamie Lee
Curtis, Tony (Actor)
Cusack, Joan
Cusack, John (Actor)
Cushing, Peter
Cuthbert, Elisha

About Memorabilia & Autographs for Celebrities & Famous People

 If you think of getting autographs or signed collectibles from ‘C’ named celebrities then most probably, Christian Bale, and Christopher Reeve, Cameron Diaz probably top your list. It is true that some of the top celebrities rarely signs autographs. In such cases, it is suggested that you get an alternative quality autograph from reputed dealers located in the country. Now you can get signed and framed photos along with different kinds of signed photo displays to show off to your friends.


However, do not think that these are autographs are fake in any way. Basically 99% of these celebrity autographs are taken by agents of the website, while the other remaining 1% is derived via respected agents and dealers. One can be assured about the authenticity of all of these celebrity signatures, as it is guaranteed by the websites. There are options for getting autographs that come with a certificate of authenticity.


There is no need for you to run around after your favorite celebrity anymore or stand for hours in the sun to get their autographs. You can enjoy a glimpse of them in real life, without having to rush forward to get your autograph books signed, or even any other garment for that matter. All you have to do is check out the huge collection of celebrities listed under the categories, or any particular celebrity, and get a paid autograph.

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