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Gladiator is an epic historical drama movie in 2000, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Russell Crowe, Oliver Reed, Connie Nielsen, Djimon Hounson, John Shrapnel, Richard Harris and Derek Jacobi. Crowe portrays the character of Roman General Meridius. He betrayed when the son of the emperor, Commodus, murders his father and gets the throne.  Other supporting casts of this film includes Ralf Moller, Spencer Treat Clark, Richard Harris, Tommy Flagan, Tomas Arana and many more!
In May 5, 2000, this film was released in the United States. This movie was a box office success and received positive reviews from great numbers of viewers. It was also nominated for and won several awards.  This film received five Academy Awards such as Best Actor and Best Picture. To make the movie more interesting, it was shot in three distinct locations like Bourne Woods. According to reports, Gladiator is responsible for a rising interest in the history of United States and interest in Roman.
In November 20, 2000, the movie released its first DVD collection.  Special features for the DVDs and Blu-rays include trailers, deleted scenes, documentaries, storyboards, commentaries, cast auditions, image galleries and many more.
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