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Pamela Anderson Memorabilia

Born on July 1, 1967, the Canadian-American Pamela Anderson has been a celebrity that started and continued making marks everywhere in the entertainment industry ever since she started her modeling career way back in 1989. Since then she has been sought after by fans for more than just a signed photo or two for Pamela Anderson memorabilia. As a matter of fact at one point a few years ago her web site received more hits than any other.

More than just an actress, the celebrity is recognized as a sex symbol, a very glamorous model, a popular television personality and a producer. Pamela Anderson has appeared, starred and guested in many movies such as “Scary Movie”, “Scooby Doo” the television series “Baywatch” and “VIP”

Despite her very popular lifestyle and equally public personal life, Pamela Anderson has headed and supported various charity institutions. I also have respect for her because she is an activist, campaigning against hunting seals. She also became a spokesperson for the American Liver Foundation and supported the SOS motorcycle fundraiser as Grand Marshall.

In stark contrast to other famous movie and music stars, who seem to not be able to see beyond their own self-centered behavior, Pamela Anderson is a shining star and a good example of utilizing fame to bring awareness to important social issues.

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