30 Rock Cast, Guests Take On Valentine’s Day

It was a great night for entertainment and television memorabilia collectors as a star-studded cast lined 30 Rock’s sarcastic ode to Valentine’s Day last night. The weekly ratings powerhouse welcomed guest appearances from Horatio Sanz, Jon Bon Jovi, Elizabeth Banks and Jason Sudeikis in Thursday’s “Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day” episode, one that saw a hilarious take on celebrity stalking and the romantic shortcomings of characters Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy.

In one of the funniest skits of the show’s fourth season, Jane Krakowski finds her character Jenna being stalked by Maynard (played by Sanz), who goes as far to mail her pictures of him breaking into her home. Krakowski’s character also receives butchered television show photos and collages from Sanz, at each point letting out a high-frequency shriek.

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Tracy Morgan’s character chimes in with a note about celebrity stalking: “That’s a real problem in the celebrity community. But if Beyonce would just answer one of my letters, I’d stop trying to break into her house“.

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