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About Summer Glau Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

An American actress who gained acknowledgment from playing her role in the film “Firefly” is now a successful icon. Playing her role as River Tam, there she started to be recognized and she had her follow-up film.
Next to the film that she performed is in the “Serenity”. The film only follows the first television series of Firefly. Actually, it tackles about space western introduced in 2005. Joss Whedon is the person involved in directing it. The story revolves around the lives of the crew and the captain inside a cargo ship. They are both Unification War veterans who fight even though they are in danger. But, their sailing is interrupted because of the psychic passenger who has his dangerous secret.
Its success has to be joined with the presentation of its whole casts. Summer Glau is still playing her role as River Tam just like in the “Firefly”. She is a seventeen-year old girl who is very genius as a psychic genius.
Nathan Fillion played his role as Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds”. He is the sergeant who served the army during the Unification War. But he joins the losing side of the battle and so he struggles and become independent. In his role as the captain, he is numbered as 18 among all “25 Greatest Sci-fi Legends”. Hoban or called as Wash is performed by the actor Alan Tudyk. He often appeared as reasonable pilot man and husband of Zoe inside the ship. The actress Morena Baccarin played her role as Inara Serra. There are still popular stars that made their best while the movie is on its taping.