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About Seymour Cassel Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born in Detroit, Michigan, he was an American actor named Seymour Cassel. He was the son of Seymour Joseph Cassel and Pancretia Ann.  Like other notable personalities in show business, he started his career in his own film debut. It was in the film entitled “Shadows” that his debut was released. And also, he served as the associate producer. He made it up on his co-starred roles in the film of “Too Late Blues” and “The Webster Boy”.
There were famous programs he used to appear such as “The F.B.I”, “Combat” and “Twelve O’clock High”. He also appeared in one of the Batman’s episode, “A Piece of the Action”. Bruce Lee and Van Williams were also introduced respectively.
His achievements include the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor with his role in “Faces” by John Cassavete. He still collaborated with Cassavette in “Minnie and Moskowitz” where Gena Rowlands had her starring role. Cassel was also included in the casts of the Hollywood production “Indecent Proposal”.  This was a film dramatized in the year of 1993. It had its basis in the novel of Jack Engelhard. Adrian Lyne was the one who directed the film. It starred the following stars Demi Moore, Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson. To all of those who did not know, the film was said to be a success in the box office. It had its total earning of $ 160,000,000 worldwide.  While in United States, it only received $106,614,059. So you see, it gave superb impression to other countries as they most patronized the film.