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About Sandy Martin Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

Who among you know of a certain actress who was considered as veteran in the field of movie industry? Credited for her numerous films which reached for almost sixty, it was the reason why you could regard her as an experienced personality in show business. Not only would that be, but she marked all of the people’s attentions while she made it on her several roles. She was Sandy Martin who was born in circa 1950. She had been busy all her life attending to the call of her professions as a director, writer, producer and writer.  She wrote some of professional pieces for theater productions.
You can visit her official website and once you take a look at it, you will know that she started her acting career when she was just aging fifteen years old. She was very busy way back then as she became a co-founder of theatrical companies in Los Angeles and New York.
The film “Gettysburg” was where Sandy Martin appeared as the associate producer. But before she became a producer, she started as a character actress for numerous roles. She appeared in the movies of “Napoleon Dynamite”, “Speed” and ‘China Moon”.
Her utmost act was spotted in the series of “Big Love” in HBO. Her character name then was Selma Green who was a very unique name. In this series, she had her polygamous husband and a polygamous brother. There were the Big Love stars Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny, Bill Paxton and Mary Kay Place and Bruce Dern.
Ginnifer Goodwin was a television actress who was also known at her best for her appearance in the said series.