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About Natalie Wood Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

Wood was an American actress born on the 20th day of 1938. She died on the 29th day of November 1981. She was born with the name of Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko. Her parents originated in Russia. Her mother’s name was Maria Stepanovna, while her father was Nikolai Stepanovich Zacharenko. They were immigrants in San Francisco. She was a pure Russian. She used to describe her family as aristocrats who owned a land. Her mother dreamt of her of becoming an actress or even a dancer in ballet.
Unexpectedly, their family had their problem concerning money matters. Her mother would often bring her on movies. She had her training with her mother’s lap. She would watch other child stars in the Hollywood. She always keeps in thought what her mother always told her.  Her mother moved the whole family in Sta. Rosa in California. She pursued the career of her daughter. In addition, Natalie had her sister, Lana Wood. Lana also had her career in acting.
Her career started when she was only five years old. She had her film debut in the film “Happy Land”. The director Irving Pichel, noticed her. Pichel became in touched with her family. He phoned Natalie’s mother. He also required Natalie be brought in Los Angeles. Her mother then overreacted. The family packed to LA in order to live there. Her husband opposed to her idea but still carried away.
At the age of sixteen, she had her stardom. Her co-stars were James Dean and Sal Mineo. The movie entitled “Rebel With a Cause” was all about teenage rebellion. She then followed her role on “The Searchers” by John Ford. It also starred John Wayne. He had her sister played by Natalie. Not only that, but she also made her way on her adult career.
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