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About Humphrey Bogart Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

Humphrey Boghart is from a wealthy family and he went to school in new York in the Prestigious Trinity School. He also attended the Yale University in preparation for Medical School. Before becoming an actor he was running his fathers business along with his Partner William A. Brady. His daughter was Alice Brady the famous actress. He started performing various tasks in the Brady’s film Studio. That is how his tryst with acting started. He first took up stage acting and then after five years he got his break into Hollywood. He took up his first role in the movie the Petrified Forest made by Warner Bros. Get Humphrey Boghart Memorabilia from Humphrey Bogart African Queen & Casablanca Signed .


Some of the most popular roles of Humphrey Boghart are from High Sierra, The Maltese Falcon, and Casablanca. The Big Sleep and the Key Largo can also be counted as famous movies. He also won the academy award for The African Queen and was also nominated for Casa Blanca the same year. People who have seen the Movie the Cain Mutiny will remember him as Captain Queeg. You can get a portrait signed of Casablanca or a photograph easily on the internet. It will be shipped to you in less than a day.


Boghart mostly played interesting, smart and witty characters. He is mainly remembered for his characters more than his movies just like John Wayne. He was also shown as the extreme cynic in several movies. We do not get to enjoy such roles enacted with in depth character anymore. So preserve the movie when you can and if you like to collect.