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About Chuck Norris Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

Chuck Norris began his rise to fame as martial artist after serving the United States Airforce. Because of his love for the craft, he founded his own martial arts school, ‘Chun Kuk Do.’ His very first movie was the ‘The Green Beret,’ a 1968 action film where he played a martial arts performance. He worked with the legendary John Wayne, the film’s co-director who played the role of Col. Mike Kirby.
Dean Martin’s movie ‘The Wrecking Crew’ in 1969 was Chuck Norris’ acting debut. Here he was the man in the house of 7 joys while Dean Martin played the role of the super spy Matt Helm. Although Norris played a small role in the movie, he was able to work with the famous Bruce Lee, who choreographed the fight scenes in this comedy, action, drama movie. According to sources, the movie was similar to that of James Bond because of the well-equipped villain and seductive women in the cast.
His third major starring film in 1972 was the ‘Way of the Dragon’ or ‘Return of the Dragon in the US. Bruce Lee was the lead role, the scriptwriter as well as the director in this action comedy film. Chuck Norris as Colt, acted as Lee, Bruce or Tang Long’s (which means China Dragon) nemesis in the movie. Series of reviews said that the final coliseum battle between the two martial artists was unbelievable and the best fight ever filmed. Cinematographers had to accelerate the frame rates of the film in order to catch their movements.