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About Christopher Reeve Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

Christopher Reeve is more than just the best man to play the role of Superman. He was also a director, writer, and producer. According to many critics, Reeve was a great actor but did not have a lot of chances to prove his skills way beyond the Superman films. He started his passion for acting since the age of 9 when he became a member of the cast of an amateur play. As he was finishing college, he just never stopped doing theater until he finally had a chance to do auditions for film. He joined the Acting Company to enhance more his love for acting along with great actors of today like Kevin Kline. His very first role for a film was a tiny role in Gray Lady Down and acted in My Life with William Hurt.
Not many know that Reeve has not been the first choice all the time for the auditions of the famous Superman role. Even at 6’4”, he felt that he will not get the job especially when he heard that the big names would be his co-stars. Check it out here the rest of the souvenirs of the cast of the original Superman like Gene Hackman memorabilia and Marlon Brando collectibles.
Reeve was never a fan of the comic hero but he used to watch the Adventures of Superman which starred George Reeves. He saw much potential in the role since he played a dual role of Clark Kent and Superman. He was also popular for the romantic drama film Somewhere in Time.